A progressively enhanced image preloader thing

The core concept of this demo is that the page's content should be able to consumed, whether your browser supports Javascript or not.
This is easy to address as we can run Javascript -right after the body opening tag- to start our enhanced experience. This means that if Javascript doesn't work on this page, we can still view it, all be it a more traditional way.

This page loads 3 unoptimized images (done on purpose of this demo). An overlay is shown on the site until all images have completed loading (or failed because of errors).
Once every image has been handled in some way, we reveal the site to the user.
Additionally, if the preloading takes too long, we quit the preloaderscreen and show the user what's on the page already.
Doesn't matter if the images have loaded. Showing something is better than showing nothing.

If the user has Javascript disabled or there is a problem loading the Javascript resources, the overlay is not shown and the user experiences the site as he would normally.

a cool image about stuff happening another cool image about stuff happening one cool photo

How about that? ;)
You can download the source files here. Enjoy.